Winnipeg Knightly Arts

Historical European Martial Arts School

Winnipeg HEMA swordsmanship school focused on the Lichtenauer school of combat.

We study Historical European Martial Arts and currently focus on German Longsword. In the future we plan to expand into Langes Messer, Dagger, Wrestling, and Pollaxe.

Site Launch!

After much hard work and preparation I'm glad to announce the launch of Winnipeg Knightly Arts online presence.

I plan to write about different aspects of training both external and internal, discussions about current culture as it relates to warrior mentality, and physical and  mental health. I'm excited to share the ideas that come to me with you.

If you are new to Winnipeg Knightly Arts allow me to explain who we are, why we train, and what we do.

Primarily we are a group of people who want to follow their passions and share them with others, we just happen to love European swordsmanship, and the culture surrounding it. There are many reasons we begin training, but the people we train with are the reason we continue. 

Our group focuses on the German Longsword tradition of Liechtenauer, but we also work on other aspects of the traditional knightly training including dagger, wrestling, langes messer, and eventually we will expand into pollarms.

If you are interested in European swordsmanship, or swordsmanship in general I encourage you to find me, or another local group in your area and become a part of the community.

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