Winnipeg Knightly Arts

Historical European Martial Arts School

Winnipeg HEMA swordsmanship school focused on the Lichtenauer school of combat.

We study Historical European Martial Arts and currently focus on German Longsword. In the future we plan to expand into Langes Messer, Dagger, Wrestling, and Pollaxe.

Hey guys, it's been a while

Hey all, I apologize for my lack of activity in the past several months, but I should be posting more regularly again.

For anyone who's wondering we are still training, and didn't stop. However we have changed up out training methods to help students learn more quickly and easily.

The main difference is that instead of extensive solo drilling we have begun using partner drills to teach even the basic movements. This means that instead of cutting the air repeatedly, we get students to cut against a semi resisting opponent in order to fine tune the technique.

We've also taken a more experimental approach to teaching how to use the techniques. So instead of having a prearranged action from your partner, they are to attack with enough speed to challenge the student to figure out the best solutions based on the concepts and movements they know.

Then finally we are regularly dedicating the latter parts of the class to freeplay sessions so that they can learn to recognize when to use what they have been working on against a fully resisting opponent. This phase is usually supplemented with coaching from other members as well.

This approach is designed to help students get a much more practical understanding of the key ideas and solve problems against a semi-resistant partner working up to full resistance.

Here are a couple freeplay videos from this summer (Warning, the wind is quite noisy in some parts).

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